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Derrick Faison, was truly a "one of a kind" individual. In addition to being a great husband, father and avid sports player, he was one of the youngest and brightest teachers in the Orange County Department of Education’s ACCESS program for high-risk kids. Derrick held the highest class-attendance record. He made learning "fun" for his students and always strived to "make a difference" in their lives. His positive, outgoing nature, coupled with his gigantic reassuring smile, always put kids at ease, and created an instant bond with them. Derrick always wanted more for his students, and he never gave up on any of them. Derrick exercised the same positive behavior with his own kids, with whom he spent the majority of his time.

Derrick passed away from a Sudden Cardiac Arrest while playing basketball on June 27, 2004 from an undetected heart condition, Hypertrophic CardioMyopathy (HCM). He accomplished so much in his 36 years, leaving behind a loving wife, two young sons, and a long list of loving family members and cherished friends.One of Derrick’s greatest passions and hobbies was golf. In an effort to save lives and prevent future casualties of HCM to the greatest extent possible, the first annual "Derrick Faison Golf Tournament" was established and kicked off October 29, 2004. All proceeds of all annual events will go towards:
  • Equipping at least 1 local school gym/community center per year with an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • **To increase awareness of heart disease through early detection and screenings**
If we can save at least one life and help put kids through college, then it will definitely be worth the cause!This is something Derrick would have wanted. With this event, we can continue on where he left off while honoring his memory and helping save lives. For more information, please contact Regina Faison at

The Derrick L. Faison Foundation
Each Day is a Gift